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Divorce Deed in Foreclosure – How to Save Your Marriage From Foreclosure

Divorce deeds in foreclosure are not as difficult to find as many people believe. If you have difficulty finding information about a property you may need to take a trip down to the local courthouse or request that a county clerk to provide you with information. This is a very important piece of real estate because it will be your chance to try and resell the property in question while avoiding any legal headaches and potential court fights. This is especially true if you are not the actual owner but simply attempting to serve the bank with a notice of default.

There are some things you should know about how to get your foreclosure auction notice delivered to the person or company you want to buy the home from. While you can have the deed delivered directly to you through the local sheriff, this will not be your best bet. There are instances where the lender simply does not want to foreclose on a home and will instead send out a notice of default. You will want to make sure that the note of default has been posted correctly so that you are the one who has notice before the home is sold.

Once you are listed on the notice of default, you will have 48 hours in which to answer and prove that you know of this. You will want to provide the court with copies of recent bank statements, current home value estimates, current market rents, and expenses for mortgage payments, utilities, homeowner association fees, and other expenses. You will also want to provide copies of income tax returns for web page the past two years as well as proof of employment. You must admit to all of these facts in order to qualify for the sale at the sale auction.

It is common for the homeowners in this situation to fall behind on their mortgage payments and face foreclosure. The bank simply cannot afford to keep the home and will be forced to sell it at a public foreclosure auction. At this point you will have only 24 hours in which to bid on the property and come within a number of dollars in order to win the auction. Bidding can be messy and many bidders walk away from a home that they believe is going to be a sure sale.

Many people who are not familiar with how to properly bid at a foreclosure auction do not want to risk their bid landing them a bad deal. Therefore they will place a low bid knowing that they may not get the home, but at least they have done their part in assisting the bank in removing the owners’ name from the mortgage. It is important to remember that you are still legally responsible for the debts after winning the foreclosure auction. This means that you will still be required to pay the outstanding mortgage balance and all necessary home maintenance and taxes.

One of the best things that you can do when trying to save your marriage from foreclosure is to consult with a divorce attorney. They are knowledgeable in the process and have experience negotiating the sale of a divorce deed in foreclosure. If you are looking to keep your credit rating high, you will want to consult an attorney as they may be able to help you get a loan that you qualify for with favorable terms. A divorce lawyer can help you determine what type of home equity loan you qualify for and negotiate the terms of the loan with your lender. The terms of the loan will determine the amount of money you have left on the home to pay for living expenses and any other debts you may owe prior to selling the property.

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